The Quintessence of Electronic Identity Solutions

Enterprise ID is the complete digital and physical identity solution for organisations both in private and public sector. We offer a unique centralised employee identification system, which is based on smart cards and/or RFID – the best technologies in the field for forming a secure, easy to use and resource saving way for accessing your organisation’s premises, information systems, giving out legally binding digital signatures and encrypting files. It’s time to say goodbye to keys, usernames and passwords and welcome improved security, efficiency and reduced costs.

secureEnterprise ID incorporates a digital feature set into a convenient physical form to fulfill the role of an access token, an identification document and more, providing functionality for:

  • Logical Access
  • Physical Access
  • Visual Identification
  • Time Tracking
  • Digital Signatures
  • Data Encryption
  • etc

Enterprise ID is a flexible solution, which means that each client can specify their exact needs and the scope for each implementation of the system can be narrowed or widened according to the client’s wishes. An example scope is shown in the figure below:

enterprise services perimeter

Do you know the benfits of using digital signature? It cannot be forged and it saves a lot of time and money. For example: signing 300 documents digitally instead on paper per month, a company can save nearly 30 000 euros in one year.

Watch this short video below that introduces digital signature.

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Demo Environment Available

Check out our eID demo environment to get a glimpse of the user experience which has enabled Estonia to grow into one of the world’s most advanced e-Societies.

Enter Demo Environment

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