Benefit from Digital Identities

Technological breakthroughs have enabled businesses to open up entirely new horizons by taking processes online. Supply chain and inventory management, customer relationships and many other business functions are moving online, allowing greater efficiency and new business models.

However, benefitting from these new opportunities also introduces security risks, the most prominent which is the identification of transaction parties – verifying who it is that is accessing a given resource and checking whether she has the permissions to do so.

RaulWalter’s portfolio includes a range of secure, PKI-based enterprise digital identity services that help our customers to reap the full benefits of the opportunities of the digital age.

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Do you know the benefits of using digital signature? It cannot be forged and it saves a lot of time and money. For example: signing 300 documents digitally instead on paper per month, a company can save nearly 30 000 euros in one year.

Watch this short video below that introduces digital signature.