Why e-Governance?

Governments throughout the world are working on the very same leap that has
enabled the private sector to increase service quality, efficiency and consumer
satisfaction exponentially over the previous decade – e-services.

The electronic way of interfacing with and between individuals, companies and government organisations brings numerous benefits, including (but not limited to):

  • Efficiency gains due to:
    • reduced physical interaction: less need for commuting, face-to-face service time and brick-and-mortar office space;
    • integration: all records related to individuals, entities and transactions are cross-accessible for authorised parties in real time.
  • Traceability: a transaction record is built right in into an e-service by design, thus e-services leave a constant trace that enables insights for process improvements and transaction verification, amongst other benefits.
  • Transparency: due to perfect record-keeping, real time monitoring and well-defined process flows, e-services increase transparency, reduce human error and root out the corruption.

Digital Identity Lays the Foundation

The foundation to any e-service is a solid means of identifying who is accessing a given e-service – users need to have a digital identity. RaulWalter is assisting several countries in establishing and maintaining digital identity systems that make it possible to provide secure and convenient digital transactions.