ChessWinning Strategies

Over the years, we have been working with several companies and governments towards enabling them to successfully benefit from secure digital identity implementations. Our consulting proceedures are in accordance both with ISO9000 standards and the relevant RFC best practices.

Public Sector

A country’s shift towards bringing the government agencies and public services online is a complex, multistakeholder process that needs to involve and preferrably capitalize upon the existing infrastucture, yet bring everything together and develop futher capabilities.

Our consulting proceedure starts with charting out the existing capabilities and infrastructure such as documents issued to residents, government databases, common authentication methods, local ICT competences and legal framework. From there on we proceed to determine the most effective course of action.

Private Sector

We assist companies in charting out their current authentication and access control situation and determining possible scenarios for strengthening the security perimeter and introducing new benefits to company’s customers, employees and partners. We also audit and test the existing systems and organize tenders.