Identity Verification for Online Banks

If customer authentication and transaction verification are critical issues, a PKI-based identification system is called upon. Based on cutting edge cryptographics algorithms, PKI technology is continuously developed for staying ahead of the curve in terms of protecting the users and service providers from cyber threats. RaulWalter has experience in assisting its clients at implementing and maintaining PKI-based customer identification systems.

Estonian ID-card

Estonian ID-card

National ID-Card Implementation

If the service is targeted to residents of a country that equips its nationals with a digital ID-card (majority of the EU countries, as well as countries across the world such as Hong Kong and South African Republic), it can prove to be cost-effective to use the same ID-card as the access token for the e-service.

The benefits include:

  • user training is provided and the awareness promoted by the government;
  • customers have the ability to sign transactions and contracts in a nationally accepted and legally binding way;
  • much of the PKI-related security infrastructure is maintained off-site by the government, thus reducing risks and costs;
  • no cost associated with issuing tokens to customers.

Wireless Ready

Furthermore, RaulWalter’s competences include the mobile phone based branch of the PKI technology – Wireless PKI or Mobile ID. This enables the customers to log into online banks and other e-services on their computers or smart devices by using their mobile phone as an authentication device. Read more about Mobile ID.