Online Enabled Digital Identification Document

The Estonian ID-card in a smart card reader

The Estonian ID-card in a smart card reader

Digital identity card is an identification document that consists of a plastic card with a smart card chip embedded to it. It is personalized electronically, i.e. two asymmetric key pairs are generated, one for authentication, the other for digital signature. The public part of the keys shall be certified by the CA based on the certification requests. The certificates are loaded to the smart card chip and also stored in the CA-s system.

If the card is used for physical authentication besides electronical, it can also carry card holders personal data, such as photo, name, identification number etc.

Biometrics ready

According to European Council regulations No 2252/2004 and 380/2008, biometric identifiers should be integrated in passports and travel documents as well as in residence permit cards. The document holder’s photo, fingerprints and other biometric data points must be stored digitally on the document. Our solutions are ready for both current and future requirements in this regard.