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RaulWalter specializes in identity solutions for both public and private sector applications. Our services cover the entire implementation lifecycle starting from charting out the requirements and existing framework in terms of legal environment, existing IT infrastructure and business processes, all the way up to implementation, training and maintenance.

RaulWalter’s team consists of digital identity and security solutions aficionados who jointly hold decades worth of experience and have made dozens of success stories to happen. Additionally, RaulWalter has established partnerships with numerous companies and independent experts that have played key roles in enabling Estonia to become the most advanced nation in terms of digital identity, corporate and government e-services and online security.

Together, we look forward to assist your organisation in benefitting from the advances in digital identity technologies. Let’s keep the trees in the forest where they belong!

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Raul Kaidro, CEO

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Solutions Team

Raul Metsma

Senior Developer

Raul Metsma has been a key developer of the Estonian national ID-card software since 2009. Under Raul’s supervision, the chip of Estonian ID-card, the drivers, mobile and desktop applications have been engineered and developed. As an avid open source software enthusiast, he has been volunteering to make ID-card software available for Linux.

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