Raul Eks, Head of Infrastructure at Trüb Baltic

Trüb is a leading supplier in the identity and security industry, with a special focus to identity and EMV cards’ personalization. Throughout the years, we have worked with RaulWalter on a number of projects, mainly concerning smart card chip encoding and PKI security infrastructure, both for the Estonian national ID-card and proprietary PKI solutions.

Besides the technical excellence, we are also satisfied with RaulWalter’s result oriented approach – once a project gets a green light, things start to happen immediately. As of now, we are excited to break new ground in terms of smart card / PKI security. An upcoming solution we are currently working on with RaulWalter, will further strengthen the security levels that PKI is already famous of.


Helar Laasik, Chief Document Security Expert at Estonian Police and Border Guard Board

RaulWalter is a company one can rely on for hardware and software development and also on policy matters. Thanks to them we have a partner who is not only flexible in their attitude but also proactive and inventive, understanding the customer already at the very moment the customer starts to explain its needs. An e-ID chip inspection tool is a very good example of such an attitude and is also a fine piece of software helping in ID-card warranty procedures.

To bring another example, RaulWalter has also played the leading role in preparation and finalizing of Estonian Country Verifying Certification Policy based on the corresponding European document. The result is a comprehensive, country-specific and self-explanatory document excelling in clarity and formulation.

One cannot leave unnoticed quick and proper response from RaulWalter when problems or needs for upgrade arise. Their reaction is always customer friendly and frequently the client gets more than asked initially.


Märt Laak, IT-director at AS Eesti Krediidipank

Krediidipank is a universal bank in Estonia. We required a secure yet convenient method that our customers could use to log in to our online bank, and our choice came to a smart card based solution. Sadly, the first implementation proved to be cumbersome for customers and did not excel at reliability. At this point, we started to work with Trüb AG, a Swiss identity and security company, and RaulWalter.

Within a couple of months, we had the new smart card authentication solution up and running. Since it is compatible with the Estonian national ID-card, we can use the same drivers and software, which means that the implementation is largely kept up to date without additional costs to our organisation, and that possible security issues would be promptly addressed.


Kalev Pihl, CEO at SK ID Solutions

"SK is the leading trust service provider in Estonia, providing state of the art certificatesfor the Estonian ID, that has over 1 million users. RaulWalter assists us with several projects, starting from the software developement up to processes and documentation services. The company stands for the effort in understanding the business cases behind every ICT project. Therefore, it has the capacity of taking responsability of the entire cycle of a project, instead of just providing results. Ant last but not least, the unity of the team and their friendly culture is remarkable."