How to Implement e-Government Solutions in your Country?

Our latest publication, now available for Kindle in Amazon, talks about how to implement the best practices in e-government to countries that decide to follow the technological path. We are proud to present to you new ideas and know-hows based… Read More

RaulWalter Being Recognized as an e-Government Expert

Raul Kaidro, CEO of RaulWalter participated as contributing expert in the creation of the booklet “e-Estonia: e-Governance in Practice” by the E-Governance Academy. The publication provides an inside view of what the information society in Estonia is and how the… Read More

RaulWalter at the e-Estonia Showroom

  On May 2016 the Staff of RaulWalter was presenting to a Georgian Delegation the solutions of e-Estonia. Interesting session of Q&A was taken and as a result we had a great experience of collaboration with the Showroom Staff and… Read More

RaulWalter in Mexican national radio station

On the month of April 2016, RaulWalter presented an overview of e-government and e-society in “Ecos Sociales” from “Grupo RadioFormula” The interviewers showed interest in the benefits and e-services of the Estonian e-State. For 20 minutes Estonia presented what Estonia… Read More

RaulWalter research collaboration used by Oxford

For two days (22nd & 23th of April) The University of Oxford provided a training session on Modern Information Society at Tallinn, Estonia. The research Estonian “e-Residency”: Redefining the Nation State in the Digital Era was used as reading material during the… Read More

RaulWalter at InnovationMatchMX 2016

RaulWalter was present in the first InnovationMatchMX 2016 celebrated in Guadalajara, Mexico in April. We presented to the state government the solutions and benefits of having digital identification.  

RaulWalter Promotes e-Government and Digital Identification in Mexico

RaulWalter published an article in one of the most influential governmental magazines that promotes the private investment in Mexico. The magazine ProMexico for the first time gives space for an overview of the Estonian e-government model and the importance of… Read More

Enterprise ID on display at SK Annual Conference 2015

RaulWalter was present at the SK Annual Conference, one of the most important eID-related conferences in Estonia, on November 5, 2015. Our Enterprise ID solutions and early preview of an upcoming eID Showroom found positive feedback from the numerous people who came… Read More

Estonian e-Residency: Redefining the Nation-State in the Digital Era

RaulWalter jointly with the Government Chief Information Officer and Deputy Secretary General of ICT Taavi Kotka and e-Residency Programme Director Mr. Kaspar Korjus wrote an article for Oxford University. In the paper we analyze the background and origins of e-Residency,… Read More

Cyber Security Summer School 2015

In order to provide our customers the most updated solutions. We have a strong investment and interest to know the latest innovations in matter of cybersecurity. Therefore RaulWalter attended the first Cyber Security Summer School 2015 held in Lauslamaa, Estonia…. Read More