RaulWalter in Mexican national radio station

On the month of April 2016, RaulWalter presented an overview of e-government and e-society in “Ecos Sociales” from “Grupo RadioFormula” The interviewers showed interest in the benefits and e-services of the Estonian e-State. For 20 minutes Estonia presented what Estonia… Read More

RaulWalter research collaboration used by Oxford

For two days (22nd & 23th of April) The University of Oxford provided a training session on Modern Information Society at Tallinn, Estonia. The research Estonian “e-Residency”: Redefining the Nation State in the Digital Era was used as reading material during the… Read More

RaulWalter at InnovationMatchMX 2016

RaulWalter was present in the first InnovationMatchMX 2016 celebrated in Guadalajara, Mexico in April. We presented to the state government the solutions and benefits of having digital identification.