Digital Tachograph

Tachograph Certification Service (MSCA) Starting from 2006, EU regulations make it obligatory to install a digital tachograph in new vehicles having a mass of more than 3,5 tonnes (in goods transport) and carrying more than 9 persons including the driver (in passenger transport)…. Read More

Mobile ID

Convenience Without Sacrifices in Security Strong, PKI-based digital identification systems involve 2-factor authentication, i.e. the presence of a physical object of some sort (a smart card or an RFID token) besides a typical PIN-code or password. These tokens also require a specific reader, so the user… Read More

Digital Identity Tokens

Online Enabled Digital Identification Document Digital identity card is an identification document that consists of a plastic card with a smart card chip embedded to it. It is personalized electronically, i.e. two asymmetric key pairs are generated, one for authentication, the… Read More

Digital Identity Management

The Guarantor of Trust A successful information society is one that extracts a strong value out of the use of online applications. It involves facilitating economic transactions, handling of government affairs, end-user online services and more. This requires internet users to have a solid, secure and… Read More